The price of BP is the price of BP.

Every day millions of shares are bought and millions of shares are sold.

All of the sellers think they are getting a good price and all of the buyers think they are getting a good price.


People who make bad money and investment decisions can often rationalise them. We’ve put together some thoughts on some of the most common excuses but there are plenty more.

These arguments are often elaborate short-term excuses that we use to justify behaviour that runs counter to our own long-term interests.


There has been a huge amount of change in pension rules over the last few years, so why is this happening and what does it mean?

Final salary pensions are dead. Politicians can argue about whose fault that is but they are finished. If you’re in one, count yourself very lucky but expect further watering down of your benefits. They have virtually all gone in the private sector and they will eventually be phased out in the public sector. That’s not the official line, of course, but there is an inevitability about this.


Think about how much time you spend planning Christmas or organising your summer holiday.

Then, consider how long you spend planning your family’s finances. Is there a mismatch here? For most people there probably is.


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